Orla DTx is a Finnish Digital Therapeutics company based in Helsinki. It is a spinoff of Finland’s largest teleoperator, IoT, AI and cybersecurity company Elisa Oyj.

Our mission is to become one of the leading digital therapeutics developers.


Orla’s history goes all the way to 2014 when Elisa started a remote patient monitoring unit. In 2016 Roche Diagnostics chose Elisa as their technology provider in anticoagulation remote monitoring. The same year we initiated a partnership with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in asthma diagnosis.

Orla DTx was founded in in January 2020 by five founders with a total of more than 100 years of experience in health technology and healthcare. After a successful investment round, the acquisition of remote patient monitoring business from Elisa was closed in September 2020.

The Orla Way

  1. We are here for patients and their close ones
  2. We are humble and hungry to make difference in healthcare
  3. We are powered by long-term commitment and growth mindset
  4. We innovate, combine, and continuously improve
  5. We build on our excellence and close long-term partnerships
  6. Our accountability is a result of ownership, discipline, and clarity
  7. We are committed to truth

Our Products

Our products have been prescribed to thousands of patients by primary and specialty care professionals and are reimbursed by healthcare.

INR Monitoring

Remote INR monitoring service improving quality of care, patient satisfaction and providing savings for the healthcare providers.

Asthma Diagnosis

Remote Asthma diagnosis and monitoring service improving quality of Asthma diagnosis and providing savings for the healthcare providers.

Our Team

Orla’s experienced core team has a 360o understanding of DTx research, development and commercialization.

Our experience in technology, healthcare, market access, regulatory, commercialization and especially our understanding of pharma enable us to provide our customers with a clear view of the best DTx opportunities.

Our track record of building and commercializing DTxs, our network of development partners and exceptional access to data in our home market help us to develop DTxs in an agile and effective way.

Our Experts

Tomi Kurppa - Orla Dtx
Janina Ohls - Orla Dtx profiilikuva
Jari Virtanen - Orla Dtx profiilikuva
Oskari Koskimies - Orla Dtx profiilikuva
Tuomas Mäkynen - Orla Dtx profiilikuva