Modernize your asthma patients’ treatment pathway, improve treatment results, and reduce resource use.

Despite sufficient patient guidance, up to 25% of PEF-monitoring turns out to be sub-optimal. Optimize your asthma diagnostics and controls by switching to PEF remote monitoring – and reallocate the vacated resources to other patient groups. Sub-optimal PEF-measurements are practically abolished, and thus, unnecessary visits to healthcare as well as delays in diagnosis and treatment initiation are avoided.

A modern way to diagnose and
monitor asthma patients

Orla PEF remote monitoring benefits

Orla PEF Remote Monitoring improves the diagnostics of your asthma patients and simplifies asthma controls by digitalizing the PEF measurements and data transmission.

The mobile app used by the patient, connected to a modern PEF-measurement device,  ensures that the measurements are done at the correct time, and that the quality of the measurements is sufficient for asthma diagnosis and control.

Feedback shows that patients have been extremely satisfied with the service, as they experience having direct contact with the healthcare professional throughout the measurement period. The mobile app further reminds the patient of the measurements, thus improving the adherence by creating a sense of reciprocity.

Orla PEF Remote Monitoring is also proven to be cost-effective. (Tapanainen et al, Duodecim, 2019; 135 (18): 1745-52).

Orla PEF Remote Monitoring improves
successful monitoring

Orla PEF Remote Monitoring is beneficial for both healthcare providers and patients.

Healthcare providers benefit because

  • The quality of PEF-monitoring is improved, and the quality can be monitored continuously
  • By monitoring measurements and ensuring sufficient quality, unnecessary visits caused by incomplete measurements can be prevented
  • By automating the monitoring of measurement results, healthcare professionals’ time can be assigned to other purposes

Patients benefit because

  • The quality of the monitoring is improved, and interaction with healthcare professionals is possible
  • Unnecessary visits are eliminated, and they consume less time
  • The measurement results are forwarded to the healthcare professional automatically

Orla PEF Remote Monitoring saves time and money

Time savings

Orla PEF remote monitoring saves time

Cost savings

Orla PEF remote monitoring saves costs

An analysis produced at Hämeenlinna healthcare facility in southern Finland shows that Orla PEF Remote Monitorings saved 27% of doctors’ time and 29% of nurses’ time in asthma care. Similarly, patients in working age saved 15% and patients over the age of 65 saved over 10% of their time.

These time savings were reflected in cost savings for the municipality, saving approximately 20% of the costs of treating asthma patients. Similarly, the patients saved an estimated 10% of asthma related costs.
(NHG report, 2017)

Switching to Orla PEF Remote Monitoring

Orla PEF Remote Monitoring is implemented through a controlled and proven implementation process. The process is essentially divided into five stages:

  1. Analyzing the current treatment pathway and its effectiveness
  2. Deciding on the implementation. Which facilities are included from the start or are facilities gradually included, how many patients are included right away and how many later
  3. Training the asthma nurses and doctors in using the system
  4. Beginning the admission of patients
  5. Monitoring results, achieved benefits and making necessary changes
Switcing to Orla PEF remote monitoring

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