The pilot of the digitalized treatment pathway in Kymsote (wellbeing services county of Kymenlaakso) was successfully launched at the Karhula healthcare centre in Kotka with remote monitoring of the diagnosis and treatment of asthma patients. During the pilot, participants will use Orla’s PEF remote monitoring service, which has been well received.

The pilot of the digital treatment pathway for asthma patients that launched in February at Kymsote will first be conducted in Karhula. Later, the pilot will expand to other pulmonary practices in Kymsote during 2021. Asthma nurse Hanna Hovi, who works at the healthcare centre in Karhula, oversees the pilot.

PEF remote monitoring makes asthma treatment more efficient and minimizes lost time

The weaknesses of the earlier pen-and-paper recording method hindered the making of asthma diagnoses. A digital remote solution that transmits correct measurement results in a timely manner has not only made the diagnosis and treatment of asthma easier, but also reduced costs and environmental load: the right results are obtained at the right place and at the right time.

No unnecessary visits, no waste of effort for patients and healthcare professionals. In addition, a healthcare professional can intervene and correct a patient’s treatment as soon as there are deviations in the measurement results.

“A professional is able to monitor the measurement program in real time and deal with emerging problems in a timely manner. This improves the reliability of the monitoring and ensures that it is done correctly,” says Hanna Hovi.

Remote monitoring takes care of patients

In addition to significant cost savings, PEF remote monitoring takes care of the patients: they always have a direct line of contact to the medical staff, and the mobile application also reminds them to do the measurements. Even though the patients are at home, they are always being cared for, which improves treatment adherence.

Young and old satisfied

The patients taking part in the pilot are between 14 and 80 years old. Age has not played a role in the success of the pilot and there have been no technical problems. The PEF meter itself has been found to be easy to use, and many have found it useful that the application guides the monitoring and reminds them to do the measurements.

“I am really satisfied with the customers who participated in the pilot and their courage to try a new digital solution,” Hovi thanks her customers.

“This is an important and interesting project for us, remote measurement is introduced in a well-controlled manner and its effectiveness is closely monitored. The operating model is being developed in collaboration with Kymsote. In addition, the project also overcomes prejudices – yes, even an older person dares and knows how to use digital treatments when they are properly coached and supported,” says Pekka Männistö from Orla’s domestic sales and marketing team.

A win for the patient, society, and the environment

“There are currently nine PEF meters in continuous use in Karhula, and about 20 successful measurement programs have been carried out so far. In our opinion, a successful digital solution combines three important things: the patient receives better treatment, society saves money, and the environment benefits. When our PEF remote monitoring service is added to our INR remote monitoring service, we have already been involved in treating more than 5,000 patients. We want to do meaningful work and constantly improve”, describes Männistö.

Orla DTx is a Finnish company developing digital treatments (DTx) that wants to help healthcare systems in taking advantage of digital technology. Orla is a spin-off from one of the country’s largest telecom operators, the IoT, AI and cyber security company Elisa Oyj. Elisa started developing applications for remote monitoring already in 2014.