At Sitra’s initiative, six pilot projects related to digital treatments are currently underway in Finland, focusing on the treatment of various diseases and syndromes and rehabilitation. One of these projects belongs to our customer, the wellbeing services county of North Ostrobothnia, Pohde (with population of 416 000), where the treatment of anticoagulation patients is enhanced with Orla’s service. Sitra’s goal is to promote the introduction of effective digital treatment solutions in Finland and to collect experiences from healthcare professionals and patients. 

Sitra is promoting the establishment of a national model for allowing digital treatment solutions to be approved for use and reimbursed in the same way as prescription medicines. In addition to patient equality and better treatment, this would make Finland an increasingly attractive environment for digital health companies and generate new business. Instead of the current fragmented market, a national model would unify requirements, enable procurement and provide clarity for both companies and buyers. Read more in Sitra’s bulletin (sitra.fi). 

At Orla, we believe that digital forms of treatment play a vital role in the transition to value-based healthcare (VBHC), and we support the establishment of a national model. The six-step model described by Sitra creates a good starting point for developing a sustainable operating model for Finland, which combines the best practices, learnings and experiences of countries that have already implemented their models (Germany, Great Britain, USA, Belgium, and France). Download the template from Sitra’s website (in Finnish) (sitra.fi). 

Sitran kuva
In the first step of the tiered model, a national level assessment process is implemented, and in the next step, the reimbursement of digital therapies. Photo: Sitra