The servers of Orla Etämittaus will be updated on Monday June 19th between 17:00 and 22:00. Patients can use the service like normal; the mobile application will send the data collected during the update when the connection to the servers has been established again.


This update improves the service’s device support:

  • Improvements related to the PEF device support:
    Support for the Medikro Duo measuring device has been added to the mobile application. This does not cause any changes in the use of the application; the app is used the same way with both Medikro and Vitalograph measuring devices.
    You can ask Orla for more information about the measuring device and its support.

The update does not require any action from users or patients.


This update improves the usability and device support of the mobile application for remote PEF measurements:

  • Improved the operation of PEF remote measurements of symptom measurements
  • Added support for the new Vitalograph measuring device model (the change is technical and is concerned with wireless data transmission, the new measuring devices are not externally different from the old ones)

The update does not require any action from users or patients.


This update improves the usability and accessibility of the mobile application:

  • Added support for screen readers (iOS VoiceOver and Android TalkBack)
  • Added support for Bluetooth keyboards and keyboards navigation

The changes cause minor changes in the appearance of the application, for example, the selection buttons now look a little different, but the application is used in the same way as before.

The update does not require any action from users or patients.


The updated version of the remote monitoring mobile application has now been released. The name of Elisa Remote Monitoring (Elisa Etämittaus) changes to Orla Remote Monitoring (Orla Etämittaus) and the application icon changes. The application works as before, and you can continue to use it as normal.

Links to app stores can be found on our website: https://orladtx.com/fi/potilasohjeet/

Please note that the official name of the mobile application was changed to Orla Etämittaus, and therefore in the future when searching for the Etämittaus application in the app store, you should use “Orla Etämittaus” as the search term. This update does not bring any other changes to the service itself and does not require any other actions from our customers.