The treatment of patients using blood thinners is enhanced in the Oulunkaari municipal association with Orla’s service.

The project started in May and the goal is to bring all warfarin-using patients in Oulunkaari who benefit from the service into supported patient self-management. In patient self-management, patients measure the INR value themselves and the measurement results are automatically transferred to healthcare professionals. The information transferred to healthcare professionals ensures accurate monitoring of patients, which in turn enables early intervention if necessary. The service also saves the nursing staff valuable time.

Sitra’s pilot project promotes the wider use of digital treatments and thus contributes to the transition of wellbeing services counties towards sustainable healthcare. Our service, recommended by FinCCHTA, supports warfarin treatment in several wellbeing services counties in addition to Oulunkaari municipal association.

Read more in Sitra’s bulletin (sitra.fi).

We are proud of the excellent work done by the Oulunkaari team, and the pilot project made possible by Sitra and the visibility it has received:

Oulunkaari’s healthcare services have already had such good experiences with remote INR monitoring of warfarin treatment that they wanted to join Sitra’s project.

Read more in Oulunkaari’s bulletin (in Finnish) (oulunkaari.com).

“When I measure INR at home and decide the medicine dose, I can easily monitor the effect of dietary changes on the treatment,” says Jarmo Piippo, who lives in Vaala.

”With the help of the application, we are now also able to deal with possible deviations in the value of the INR quickly,” says department manager Rekinen. ”Especially those who work on the road have praised the application. It has also made life easier for people vacationing abroad,” continues Rekinen.

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